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Hydromitem is an established civil, survey, and environmental engineering firm providing a full range of engineering services, including planning, design, and construction management, to clients across Greece and internationally.

Hydromitem is a spin-off company of Omitem S.A., an engineering and consulting company established by Ioannis Kolliniatis in cooperation with other experienced professionals who have been active in the fields of water resources management and hydraulic engineering, survey engineering and environmental planning and management for over two decades.

Founded in 2002 in Athens, Greece, the firm has successfully designed and inspected a wide variety of civil works projects for Municipal, Prefectural, National and private sector clients in Greece and abroad. Our team of professionals is qualified to meet the management and engineering demands of civil or water resource projects of any size or complexity.

We provide a vast range of different services and we would be pleased to provide you with assistance. We’ve dedicated a whole section of our website to providing more detail about the different services we can provide you. Click on the link below to see what we offer.

Hydromitem has successfully completed a wide range of transportation drainage, flood control, hydrologic and hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering and development projects throughout Greece and abroad. In addition to our commitment to providing the highest level of value to our clients, Hydromon consistently delivers projects on time and on budget.

Our long-standing presence and continuous evolvement in the civil engineering industry is the result our robust and well proven solutions offered in a diverse variety of projects.

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Our Team

Hydromitem’s engineering and scientific staff are highly motivated and highly educated individuals. The majority of the team holds Master’s degrees in Civil, Survey and Environmental Engineering. Hydromon nurtures a stimulating, productive, safe work environment; constantly encouraging each member of the team to grow both professionally and personally. We are committed to developing our staff to become company and industry leaders. At Alden, we clearly recognize that our team is our most valuable asset.

Shareholder information

Panagiotis Kolliniatis - Director

Water Resources Management Engineer MSc - Chemical Engineer MSc
Address: Papaflessa 28, Marousi, 15125, Attica, Greece

Ioannis Kolliniatis - Member

Civil Engineer MSc
Address: Papaflessa 28, Marousi, 15125, Attica, Greece